A year on and we can look back at the devastation Covid caused to our business and industry in general. Our diary quickly cleared last March due to restrictions and we postponed and rescheduled every booking we had in 2020.

Up until March 2020 we felt we excelled in customer service and our friendly approach but it became quickly apparent that we needed to find alternative ways of working with our clients to ensure that we all navigated our way through this awful time. In the past we’ve enjoyed chatting over new arrangements and different techniques we could use in our playing but all of sudden we were having in depth discussions of how we could keep in contact with all of our bookings and make sure that we helped not only those who we were performing for, but also each one of us as musicians.

A year on and we can’t believe that we’re still wading through so much paperwork. Some of our customers have postponed for a 3rd and 4th time and we’ve marvelled at their loyalty towards us and their energy in staying positive and connected. Taking a leaf out of their book we’ve started work on updating our website, playlists and social media.

Our experiences and highs and lows over the last twelve months have given us lots of food for thought and over the next few weeks we’re going to blog about some of the solutions and problems we’ve faced.

We’re hoping the worst if over and we get to go out there and perform.

Always, we’re looking forward to the day that restrictions are a thing of the past and we can finally play to packed venues. xxx