Electric Strings

The Group

Our unique electric duo gives your guests an updated vibe with something special to watch and listen to. The electric violin and electric cello are fantastic visually and produce a modern, amplified string sound. The Andrelli Electric String Duo performances are professional, vibrant and varied and their amplified sound can carry over noisy or busy rooms. If you’d prefer your string music to be played on modern electric instruments then this is the group for you.

Our amplified sound is perfect for any location and over the years we’ve played in many venues as far afield as Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham, Darlington and North Yorkshire.

The Music

Writing our own musical arrangements gives us artistic scope to use each instrument to the full. With two instruments the melodies and bass lines are clean and clear adding to the personal feel of this smaller group. As requests come in and new music is developed we are constantly updating are playlist keeping our playing fresh and vibrant. Our wide mix ensures that whatever your event we’ll have something to suit. Use our free arrangement service to ensure you get that special piece of music you’ve always wanted at your event.

The music is your choice. If you want your guests to enjoy The Killers, Stone Roses and Stevie Wonder then just let us know. If you’re a Disney fan – we’ve got loads of music you’ll love. If you want to stick to strictly classical then you’ll enjoy the fact we have hours of music at our finger tips.

The ‘Andrelli’ Extra

You can be confident in booking the Andrelli String Duo. We’ve won awards for our customer service as well as our playing and pride ourselves at having our clients at the centre of everything we offer. We’ll turn up 30 minutes ahead of our start time so we’re all set up and ready to play for your guests. Our flexibility and experience means we’ll adapt quickly to any last minute changes to your event. Our playing can cover any little disasters such as forgotten boquets or a speaker’s late arrival.