How are you dealing with Covid 19

We’re working closely with all our customers giving them a hassle free rescheduling service. New clients can feel confident in our service which now includes full risk assessments and safe systems of work and we now hold Health and Safely Verification Status on some sites. We are monitoring the situation and adapting to recommendations. Find out more about our Covid measures here

Are you all set up ready to play for the start time?

Yes, we always aim to reach the venue 30 minutes before we are due to play. This allows for any traffic problems and gives us plenty of time to set up.

How Do We Pay You?

We require a deposit of £100 when making your booking, with the balance to be paid at least 1 month before the event. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. For corporate bookings we can provide invoices for these payments.

Which instruments play in the quartet?

The string quartet has two violins, a viola and a cello.

What happens if a player is poorly or cannot make it on the day?

The core quartet and players are always booked in the first instance however if one has a prior engagement or is not well or available on the day we have a selected pool of professional deps who are familiar with the music, play with us often and who are booked in their place.

What equipment do you need on the day?

For the acoustic groups such as the string quartet or string duo we need very little equipment – just chairs without arms. We have our own portable lights so don’t need any power supply. If you’ve booked the electric strings then we will also need a power source.

What does your wedding ceremony service include?

We play for your guests while they are arriving and taking their seats for the ceremony. Then we play for the bride’s entrance, signing of the register and the exit music. We are happy to play for hymns in church ceremonies too.

Is it possible to hear you or to see you play live?

Yes, we have tracks on the website you can listen to and we also play at Wedding Fairs and Open Days which we publicise on our Facebook page and website.

Is it possible to change the timings after we've booked you?

Yes, we try to be as flexible as possible as we do understand that it can be tricky to get the timings sorted far in advance. Unfortunately if we have another booking that day then it may not be possible to move your timings much and we do need the timings confirmed 30 days before the event which is when the balance becomes due.

How long can we book you for?

We are booked by the hour so you can book us for as long as you need.
For weddings our usual booking time is 2 1/2 hours which covers the ceremony and the drinks reception. Often we play for Wedding Breakfasts too.

How far in advance can we book you?

Our diary is open a couple of years in advance so there is really no limit as to how soon you can book us. We do sometimes get booked just a week or two before the event so if you are looking last minute it’s always worth checking our availability.

How far do you travel?

Our base is Newcastle but for bookings we travel as far a field as Guisborough and Saltburn by the Sea, Bamburgh and Seahouses, Richmond and Barnard Castle. Anywhere throughout the North East. Take a look at our venues page to see where we play.

How do you tailor your music for events other than weddings?

We fully consult with you about performing around timings of speeches and presentations and we can also provide amplification for larger gatherings. We guarantee a smart professional approach in keeping with corporate standards and offer a full administration sytstem including invoicing.

Do you take many breaks during the time you're booked?

If we are booked for two hours or less we don’t take any formal breaks. If we are booked for longer then we do need to take a break but we can often manage this around natural breaks in the day, perhaps during the speeches, that sort of thing.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes, we often play outside. Unfortunately it is weather dependent. We can’t get the instruments or music wet so if it’s raining we need to be sheltered. Strong winds and low temperatures make it tricky too.

Can you move easily between venues or between rooms?

The String Quartet and String Duo move very easily between venues and rooms. When moving from one room to another we can simply pick up the stands and take them to our next location. Between venues we can pack up quickly and often be at the next venue before all the guests.

The Electric Groups take a little longer to move between rooms and venues but we move quickly and as discreetly as possible.

Can you arrange a piece of music for us that doesn't appear on your list?

Yes, we currently offer to arrange a piece free of charge so all you have to do is let us know.

Is Andrelli listed on any other sites?

Yes. We like to use listings sites to help people find us,



Do you have a question which isn’t covered above? Drop us an email and we can help.

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